Links of Interest
to our Friends, Patrons, and Fellow Vegetarians

Click here to return to the main Ambrosia Garden page, or use your browser's "Back" button. is a wonderful online guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world! is an excellent vegetarian travel guide.
 The San Francisco Bay Area Vegetarians provide information on meat-free living in the Bay Area. is a global vegetarian restaurant guide which also lists health food stores.
 The San Francisco Vegetarian Society has been promoting vegetarianism locally since 1968! provides a well-organized list of vegetarian restaurants in the S.F. Bay Area
 Vegetarian Times is one of America's oldest and most widely-respected magazines devoted to vegetarianism.
 LPI's Micronutrient Information Center provides detailed information on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. is the US Dept. of Agriculture's site which provides a wealth of nutritional information. provides a forum in which vegetarian singles can meet and possibly get together!
 The Vegetarian Society of the UK: perhaps "the oldest vegetarian organisation in the world"
 The International Vegetarian Union: "Promoting Vegetarianism Worldwide Since 1908"
 Veggies Unite! Recipes, Coupons, & Vegetarian Links
 The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive: over 4,000 healty recipes!
 Yahoo's List of Vegetarian Recipes Collections
 An abundant clearinghouse of information about all aspects of the vegetarian lifestyle
 Alternative Health News, Resources and Opinions online.
 The Vegetarian Resource Group: an abundance of online resources
 Resource for vegetarian families, featuring medical advice, recipes, and parenting tips
 Pangea Vegan Products: cruelty-free products including belts, shoes, wallets, candles, and chocolate!
 Comprehensive Online Shopping Mall for the Caring Consumer
 Amy's extensive line of vegetarian meals made with natural, organic ingredients seems to get bigger by the day!
 Extensive Online Bulletin Boards for discussion of all things Vegetarian
 The Vegetarian Pages: incorporating the World Guide to Vegetarianism