Exciting Announcement!
New Vegetarian Restaurant, Cafe, & Ice Cream Shop in El Cerrito!

Friends and former patrons of Ambrosia Garden: A new vegetarian cafe has just opened in El Cerrito (as of August 2008). It is called "Tofu Yu". Although this restaurant is not affiliated with our favorite old "Ambrosia Garden", you will find many vegetarian dishes here that you will enjoy! And it also features many flavors of vegan ice cream (totally non-dairy!)

Tofu Yu is located at 10558 San Pablo Ave at Moeser Lane (in the Jay Vee Plaza), El Cerrito, CA 94530
Click HERE for a map.

The phone number is (510) 525-8638. Please feel free to phone for more information.

The official website of Tofu Yu is: www.TofuYu.com

I have posted a copy of the Tofu Yu 2-page takeout menu below. I especially recommend the Paninis and the vegan non-dairy ICE CREAM!! Many of the selections are vegan (though not all of them: some of them contain egg.)

As for our favorite vegetarian restaurant of the past, Ambrosia Garden, it closed on Monday, June 14, 2004.

We all have many fond memories of that restaurant and the very fine people who operated it.

For those of us who enjoyed Ambrosia Garden during recent years, we wish the owners and workers of this wonderful restaurant a happy future! Thank you for all the great times and great meals!

The old Ambrosia Garden website will be maintained in legacy form for the time being. You may visit it by clicking here.

We also encourage you to visit our Links page, where you will find search tools for vegetarian restaurants, as well as other interesting links.